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Tawfiq Abdalrahim

My name is Tawfiq Abdalrahim and I am a Palestinian living, studying, & working in Nablus. Nablus is the biggest city in the West Bank and it is located 30 miles north of Jerusalem.

My parents and I were born in Nablus but we hold on tightly to the origins of our ancestors. My father’s family is originally from a small town near Haifa city, which borders the beautiful Mediterranean. My mother’s father was born in a village in Akko, which is situated on the northern seashore of Israel. Unfortunately my family was displaced from their homes of origin in 1948, after the creation of Israel.

I was born in 1987 in a refugee camp, during the first invasion. My refugee camp is called Al’ain camp, which stand for camp number one. It gets its name from being the first refugee camp established in the West Bank. I attended primary school at the UNRWA school (United Nations Relief and Works Agency). Then I attended Nablus Vocational School for High School.

I am currently doing a master’s in method of teaching and curriculum at An-Najah University in Nablus. I am also conducting research on technology in education with a focus on social media plus tecnology.

I started working with Project Hope at the end of 2007. Someone told me that the organization needed someone to manage their website and so I joined. After the first day I had decided not to go back, everything was so different and foreign to me at Project Hope. And exactly for that reason I decided to stay. I had never as a child been exposed to an organization that has volunteers from all over the world coming to teach me something important about life. Most of the photos that I have taken with Project Hope have been in places such as the refugee camps or the old city. Working with the organization has given me valuable experiences and connections and has even changed my career aspirations. Originally I was majoring in IT but after being with Project Hope I changed to education and technology. It is very important for education and technology to be intertwined and for our children to have the opportunity to technology because the future is technology.

On my free time I work and help in the following fields, graphic design, photography, web-programing, web-design, teaching technology, train teachers to use technology in education, webmaster, technical support, web service company administration, and studying. My future goals are to get into a PhD program and hopefully go abroad to work in the future.

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